About us

KL2B is an established global trading company founded in 2009 by recognised entrepreneurs from the Purchasing Industry.
It acquired the same year the trading activity of former K-Buy obtaining a trained team and the knowledge of 10 years of activity.

KL2B has specialised in the sourcing and supply of Equipment & Spares for the most demanding industries such as Defense, Oil & Gas, Automotive & Telecommunications.

After 3 years of operations, KL2B has been selected as a partner for the most innovative global projects on the defense market.

A particular benefit of working with KL2B relies on taking advantage on its strong European suppliers network.

Quality and Policy

Our quality policy is to fulfil client expectations and observe statutory and regulatory requirements through the continuous development and maintenance of Quality Management Systems (QMS) that complies with ISO 9001 and AQAP/PECAL 2110 standards.

Our constant efforts are towards continuously improving the effectiveness of the QMS that plays an important role in carrying out the Company's mission, policies and quality objectives.

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