Operational with us
   Since KL2B creation, we had the opportunity to select the most valuable manufacturers throughout the Europe. This partnerships have been established keeping in mind the requirements of Quality, Execution time and Costs effectivness in the most demanding environments. These exclusive relations grants to our customers the guarantee to benefit of the best conditions available with the mentionned manufacturers.
Acome European leader on cables, wires & tubes markets
Gefico Enterprise Engineer and supply solutions of desalinization, distillation of water. Produce sanitary water. Avoid corrosion and biological growth. Evaporation (Technical water) -Reverse osmosis (Drinkable water).
Sart Von Rohr Engineering & Manufacturing of valves
Thermostatic mixing valves
Flowmeter valves
SCM Sistemas Design & Manufacturing of communication equipments for civil & military vessels
Autogenerated telephones network system
Trelleborg Buoyancy, insulation and asset protection for the offshore Oil & Gas, Marine markets
Syntactic foam blocks, Buoyancy castor
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